The Ramakrishna Group has 30 years of experience in providing high standard active and passive mechanisms for the electronics and semiconductor business. Founded in 1982 by Satish Luthra, the RK Group has a presence all across India with branches and warehouses in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries. Today, the company's revenues are high and it aims to be ranked among the leading players in the electronics industry. The company's annual revenue for the previous year (2014-15) was over US$ 100 million. The group is an authorised distributor of more than 25 key providers including Bharat Electronic, Winbond, Toshiba, Nuvoton, Deki, Sharp, Littelfuse, Osram, ST, Prolific, NXP, Samwha, Rohm, Philips Lumileds, NIDEC, IK Semicon, Smartech Display, Taiyo Yuden, Shenzhen Weidy, Panasonic, Shenzhen SI Semiconductors Co Ltd and Fronter Electronics Co Ltd. In the future, the firm aims to become a global player through productive teamwork with its clients.The Group aims to follow its corporate philosophy of supplying the best and highest quality mechanisms to meet new business demands. With this purpose, the firm continuously tries to discover new devices which can control the potential of circuits to the maximum level.The RK Group firmly believes in modern production practices and advanced technology. In the future, this will work towards the good of all those in association with the firm.The electronics business is distinguished by very fast obsolescence, and the RK Group is dedicated to keeping its clients informed about the latest developments and products. It also believes in team work and is always ready to cater to the ever changing needs of its clients, with regard to quality as well as on-time deliveries. The dream of the organisation is to achieve outstanding quality and service, in order to meet the demands of its customers.

List Reference Solutions

By knowing our client’s needs for today’s technologies, we provide providers the opportunity to seed new items to an extensive, international client base around a wide range of industry segments along with offering a productive channel for minimum volume sales.

Our efficient sales plans containing the award-winning records, offers suppliers with a distinguishing way to advertise and approach to unparalleled clients visions. We are now using the design prior than ever before by growing our ability in the previous phases of the design lifespan and new creation overview.

This distinctive tactic is leading our dealers to partner with us ever extra near. They give importance to our capability to introduce new creations to market, making sure that their mechanisms are stated in the initial stages of design and so will be required in great capacities when that project reaches to manufacture.

Project engineering skill is extremely attractive to our dealers. Our design services commerce, increase our new creation introduction ability and let us to partner with dealers even more near as they create and introduce their current innovations.

Dealers appreciate our growing interaction with clienteles through online. They benefit from understanding statistics on developing technologies, developing client’s trends and our advanced worldwide supplier plan, while our web abilities also please our engineering clients’ need.

List Of Reference Solutions:

  1. 5W Smart Phone Adapter (input : 100-300V AC, O/P : 5V/1A )
  2. 10W Smart Phone / TAB Adapter (input : 100-300V AC, O/P : 5V/2A )
  3. 12W STB Adaptor (input : 100-300V AC, O/P : 12V/1A )
  4. 3W-10W DC-DC Led Driver
  5. AVR Digital Display with Pest Repeller
  6. 5 - speed Remote based Fan Speed Controller
  7. 3W Off Line LED Driver
  8. Solar Charge Controller
  9. 25W Off Line LED Driver (input : 100-300V AC, O/P : 36V/700mA )
  10. LCD Counter for E-Meter (Replacing Mechnical Counter)
  11. Non-isolated SMPS for E-Meter (5V/200mA)
  12. 3W Solar Lantern, MCU Based
  13. T8 LED Tube Light (18W, isolated, Universal input Range)