The Ramakrishna Group has 30 years of experience in providing high standard active and passive mechanisms for the electronics and semiconductor business. Founded in 1982 by Satish Luthra, the RK Group has a presence all across India with branches and warehouses in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries. Today, the company's revenues are high and it aims to be ranked among the leading players in the electronics industry. The company's annual revenue for the previous year (2014-15) was over US$ 100 million. The group is an authorised distributor of more than 25 key providers including Bharat Electronic, Winbond, Toshiba, Nuvoton, Deki, Sharp, Littelfuse, Osram, ST, Prolific, NXP, Samwha, Rohm, Philips Lumileds, NIDEC, IK Semicon, Smartech Display, Taiyo Yuden, Shenzhen Weidy, Panasonic, Shenzhen SI Semiconductors Co Ltd and Fronter Electronics Co Ltd. In the future, the firm aims to become a global player through productive teamwork with its clients.The Group aims to follow its corporate philosophy of supplying the best and highest quality mechanisms to meet new business demands. With this purpose, the firm continuously tries to discover new devices which can control the potential of circuits to the maximum level.The RK Group firmly believes in modern production practices and advanced technology. In the future, this will work towards the good of all those in association with the firm.The electronics business is distinguished by very fast obsolescence, and the RK Group is dedicated to keeping its clients informed about the latest developments and products. It also believes in team work and is always ready to cater to the ever changing needs of its clients, with regard to quality as well as on-time deliveries. The dream of the organisation is to achieve outstanding quality and service, in order to meet the demands of its customers.

R & D Lab

Now a day commerce success is an outcome of differentiated and flawless client experiences. Clients of electro businesses are no longer satisfied by different product qualities. How do you respond to this shift in client’s hopes and engineer remarkable experiences for them? Do you have the ability to engineer not just the item but also the place that offers the “Wow” of a successful experience?

Why should you consider Ramakrishna Group?

A remarkable track record, Ramakrishna is the number one R&D services providers in India and has helped various companies by its winning engineering. Over the past three decades, Ramakrishna has been supporting the R&D set up needy.

Our impressive engineering is out of the box thinking and a strong base of talents, processes, systems, frameworks and tools are some of the factors why some of the biggest international companies are with Ramakrishna Group. We have supported in medical, customer devices, aerospace, internet, software and other industries get their commerce plan via product engineering, platform results and the production of different engineering experiences.

How can Ramakrishna support you?

Ramakrishna Group helps you to drive commerce influence via enhanced product growth, provided at an incomparable value and supported by the current technologies to improve our engineering services providing.

Acceleration: Customer-experience engineering, swift plan management, dispersed creation engineering, bionetwork engineering, developing market help, latest technology acceptance, supplier-sourced novelty, nimble stages and others.

Importance: Quality engineering, tear-down investigation, combined nourishment and provision, thrifty engineering, test automation and reversion, end-of-life-cycle help, product excellence and obedience.

Machineries: Swift mobility engineering, mobile-device commercialization, creation engineering, creation launch and after launch services, intelligent creation enablement, smart-services growth, mobile-app guarantee, Technology willingness valuation and network-linked end-customer and organization-centric answers.